So Proud

Hi Everyone, I have been working with some private students in my studio and I am so proud of Josette that I just had to post her beautiful pendant and earrings. As you can see We have been having lots of fun. I still have plenty of time slots available for those of you living in or coming to visit the Pacific Northwest. Contact me to set up your one-on-one time.


The photo of the earrings is a little fuzzy, but they were made using my Frame Forms. They are acrylic shapes that you can use to create the frames for filigree as Josette did for her earrings or you can use them to make frames for epoxy resin. I used the Frame Forms to make the silver frames for my new bracelet titled it "Seven Jewel Movement."


The title refers to how hand-wound watches use to be made with synthetic rubies as tiny ball bearings to keep the moving parts of the watch working. The more "jewels" a watch movement had the higher the quality and price. Since I used old hand-wound watch parts for the bracelet, I placed 7 diamonds (one in each link) as an acknowledgement of the watch-makers craft. Yes, I am having fun.

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