First weekend of the Holiday Festival

Well the time has come and the 31st Annual Allied Arts Holiday Festival of the Arts is underway. My son, Kenric, had early release days from school the few days before the festival was to start. Poor Kid! he got enlisted in his mom's booth building project. Here he is with me and my dear friend Diane as we celebrate the fine booth he help me construct.

There is about 3 inches of snow on the ground (that fell overnight) here in Bellingham, so, attendence for these first few days of the festival have been light. I love it when it is not over crowded! It is fun to chat with people and there have been many very supportive and encouraging visitors to my booth. I am showing the Intermediate Jewelry Workshop DVD while I am there and in the coming weeks I will be doing wire wrapping of some prehnite beads while visitors watch. It should be fun!

Here is a detail shot of the little ornament display I have at my booth. It's really cheesie but I love it. The ornaments are Czech handmade glass beads that I have wire wrapped to dangle and then used wire edged ribbon to make a bow at the top where the ornament hook is. I have been asked more than once if the tree and ornaments was an Earring display! I don't want to discourage anyone, but I find them a little heavy for my lobes. Happy Thanksgivings to Everyone!

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