New Jewelry work

So, here is the pendant that was on the cover of Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist, March 2010. Photo by Doug Yaple

I was wearing it at the SNAG conference in Houston with a double strand of pistachio colored fresh-water pearls and it looked fabulous (photo to come soon). 

The other thing I wanted to show is a Swivel Locket, which I just sent in to Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist for publication sometime this summer. I don't want to spoil the thunder for the magazine to publish it first, but I have a Swivel Locket workshop coming up on April 11th at The Ranch  and I wanted to build some excitement for that event. This is a very elaborate version of the locket we will be making in the workshop and I was so happy with the way it turned out. Even my son said it looked like something from "ancient royal times."  Photo by Doug Yaple

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