Nanz' Jewelry Featured in the Puget Sound Area

  I am so happy to have my jewelry at Fremont Jewelry Design, 3510 Fremont Place North, Seattle, WA. Lisa Magetteri, founder & owner is an old friend and an all-a-round great gal. We got to know each other so long ago I had forgotten how we met. She reminded me that once upon a time we were both getting our "GG's" graduate gemology training from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and there was a week long workshop down in Portland, OR which we attended together and were roomates. Lisa took the 12 stone challenge for colored gemstone grading and passed. I was taking my diamond grading exams and passed.

Lisa continued and completed her GG, were as I got accepted into graduate school at the UW and never finished the final colored gemstone exam. But now she is the successful owner of a very cool art jewelry gallery in the funky-cool neighborhood of Fremont. If you're in Seattle go by and visit her gallery.

  Another opportunity to view and buy my jewelry will be at the Allied Arts of Whatcom County, 30th Annual Holiday Festival of the Arts. It will be held at 3548 Meridian Street in Bellingham for the five weeks before Christmas starting November 19th. While my more important (ie. expensive) pieces are at the Fremont jewelry Design Gallery, my more fun and affordable work will be available at the "Holiday Festival of the Arts." What is really cool is that I bid on and won a box of jewelry display props at the Seattle Metals Guild's Symposium last weekend. Here are some of the pieces that I will be featuring at the Hoilday Festival.


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