Singing the Praises of High School Jewelry Arts Teachers

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Singing the Praise of Art Teachers

Recently, I was corresponding with a fellow metalsmith and heard the tale of how a high school jewelry arts teacher changed that individual’s life. This is a phenomenal coincidence to me as I owe an unending debt of gratitude to my high school art teach, Ms Helen Howell.

As an undiagnosed dyslexic, I suffered throughout my grade school and high school years. My grades and assessment scores in high school left little doubt that I was not college material. Yet, my first ever official art teacher saw something in my aptitude for color theory, my patience with challenging processes, my willingness to try again and again and again, that made her put that torch in my hand and I was hooked. But more than that she connected with me after I graduated and when she saw I was floundering she helped me get accepted to a state university, metals program.    

Once accepted to university, based on the strength of my early portfolio, there came the challenges of paying for it and navigating the academic world, but she got me to the doorstep of my future and happily gave me a shove. And I bless her for that. Decades of jewelry making (and two masters degrees) later, I had my own classes of high school students to consider as I introduced them to metals and jewelry making.

Things had seriously changed since I had attended high school. Classrooms designed for 20 students had become overstuffed with up to 37 students. Budget cuts and misguided administrations gutted supplies, tools, and curriculum. But even with all of that not so positive change there were still young people excited by what they could do with a torch, some tools and some hard work. I can only hope for those of us in the field now, who were started on this path by a great high school jewelry arts teacher, that we have passed on the passion we found to help close this never ending circle.

Here is an educational project by a dozen jewelry artists/teachers that is also a fundraising effort for the Society of North American Goldsmiths Click on the image to find a link to buy the e-book. And look for my project in Chapter 9.

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Smart Fabrication From Start to Finish

Big News!!!

I have been very busy working with the company Craftsy. I have video taped a series of lessons for them.  I covered non-traditional stone setting, rivets, and ideation in the lessons.

here is a link to get a sneak peak and 50% off of the class!

The great crew at Craftsy have done a fabulous job and it is really wonderful with multiple views of all the techniques.

Sign up, post pictures, ask questions!

New Year w/ new workshops at Danaca

 Print and Press
January 18 and 19, Saturday and Sunday, 10:30- 5:00
Basic materials included
In this beginning level workshop students will use etched plates and other materials to emboss sheets of metal and then use a hydraulic press to cut and dome the sheets into puffed forms to be used for jewelry components and more. Shaping and forming the printed metal to avoid marring the printed surface will be taught. Proper pressure roll-printing using the rolling mill and doming metal in varied shapes using the hydraulic press with all safety precautions and training is included.  Proper use of tools is stressed for future independent work.

  1. Special soldering techniques to keep the solder out of the pattern and enhance designs will be covered.
  2. Basic metal working skills are helpful but not totally necessary.
  3. Multiple design options for using printed metal will be explored and discussed.

Materials Included:
Copper sheet for making samples
Students May Bring: Previously etched plates

3-D Filigree
February 22 and 23, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
Basic materials included
If you've ever wanted to try filigree but were intimidated by the thought of all those tiny wires, you’ve spent so much time preparing, melting into little balls, this is the workshop for you. This entry level, non-traditional, filigree workshop will cover a form of scroll work using bolder gauge round, square and flat wire to make unusual filigree objects.

This workshop will cover:

  1. Using framing mandrels to build wire frames
  2. Making the internal filigree design separately 
  3. Doming the filigree designs to add 3-dimensional shape
  4. Advancing soldering skills while learning to solder with Acetylene and Propane

Student will learn how to use framing mandrels and the hydraulic press, and how to modify silhouette dies. Annealing, tapering, and twisting square wire, score and fold technique, using forming plier & parallel plier, and using binding wire to stabilize the filigree during soldering will all be taught in this workshop. Beginning to intermediate soldering skills will be advanced by learning finer torch temperature control with multiple temperature soldering within each project. Participants will learn to fabricate their filigree and frames with copper and brass, but may use their own silver. Basic soldering skills required.
Materials Included: Copper and brass wire, Solder
Students May Bring:
Silver wire (available in studio store)


Plique a Jour Epoxy
March 3, 10, 17, 24, four Monday evenings, 6:30-9:30
Material fee:  $25 payable to instructor
Learn the secrets of creating open bezels for resin in multiple geometric, organic, and freeform shapes in this intermediate level workshop. Participants will discover different ways to secure open bezels for epoxy resin casting and what different kinds of epoxy resins are best suited for casting. Learn to create different textures, effects, colors, and how to prepare fragile objects to be embedded in resin.

This workshop will demonstrate and explore:

  1. Framing mandrels to repeat a bezel shape in graduated sizes
  2. Score and fold technique 
  3. Rap ʻnʼ tap pliers, forming pliers,
  4. Tube cutters and bezel mandrels 

Plus, students will explore how to incorporate findings and attachments into the Plique a Jour Epoxy to create rings, brooches, pendants, links and clasps with this versatile technique. Independent soldering skills will allow students to get the most from this class. Note: students enrolled in multiple week classes are welcome and encouraged to attend practice hours.

Material Kits Include:Copper and brass for class samples, Epoxy resin
Students May Bring: Something to embed in resin bezel, Silver sheet (available in studio store)

All of these workshops will take place at Danaca Studio in Seattle. Please contact Danaca to register! See you there!

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New Workshops Just Added!

As I am working to prepare for my upcoming gallery show at CORE Gallery (117 Prefontaine Place S., Seattle WA), which will be for the month of November, requests keep coming in for me to teach more workshops. Here is the workshop line-up for this fall and winter so far.

Saturday & Sunday, November 16th and 17th: Cold Connections for Stone Setting at Danaca Design Studio in Seattle. 

In this skill building workshop, participants will master the 4 basic rivet styles and 2 styles of tabs for making prong settings. Participants will then apply those cold connections to make pendants or earrings. Circle cutter, hydraulic press, dividers, brass slide gauge, and two styles of hammers will be demonstrated. Flex shaft and bur use will be stressed for easy stone setting.
            Here Niobium hemispheres are set "sandwich" style with tube rivets. Beginning jewelry level skills are a prerequisite.
(Class Kit provides CZs, cabochons, setting burs and metal).

Saturday, December 28th: Etching Without Acid at Danaca Design Studio in Seattle.

In this ONE-DAY workshop you'll learn this family and pet safe way to etch copper, brass, and nickel in your home or studio. Discover the best application tricks for PnP (Press and Peal) Blue paper resist. Students need to bring their own old cell-phone charger to recycle for use in this class. (See example photo below)
(Class Kit provides copper, etching container, alligator clips and wire)

Sunday January 12th thru the 18th, 2014: I will be a guest instructor at the Florida Society of Goldsmiths: 2014 Winter Workshop in New Smyrna Beach!

I will be teaching a blended workshop of Epoxy Resin Embedding & Etching without Acid.

Epoxy Resin Embedding will cover using epoxy to create open-bezels for a stained-glass effect, preparing & embedding objects, and the safe handling & coloring of epoxy resin. Students need to be able to solder independently to make their own bezel cups and frames for holding the epoxy. Students may also bring their own objects for embedding.
  During this workshop I will be debuting my Framing Mandrels to assist participants in creating open bezels in many different shapes. Like these soft squares used for my 7 Jewel Movement bracelet.
While we are waiting for the epoxy to set-up, class participants will learn acid-free etching.

Etching without Acid
will cover a galvanic etching process that uses a cell phone charger and salt-water to produce an etched on copper, brass, or nickel. This process does not etch Sterling, but an etched brass or nickel plate can be used for roll-printing onto copper or silver sheet stock, or as a texture plate for metal clay. Deeply etched 18-gauge copper sheet can be used as decorative metal stock in many projects. Students will be provided with copyright free designs to use as etching resist or they may bring their own designs. Students should bring their own old cell phone charger to use for this class. The deeply etched 18-gauge copper sheet can then be used with colored epoxy resin for additional effects. Lab Fee $ 25.00

Additionally, I am working on developing Heart, Teardrop, Daisy, and Kidney shapes for my Silhouette (Matrix) Dies and would like feedback on these shapes. Pre-orders for these shapes will soon be available at my Etsy store. Please let me know what you think via my email, on Face Book, or thru Etsy. 

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Jose' Lins and the Saul Bell Award and other happy news!

The story behind Jose’ Lins  winning the Saul Bell Emerging Artist Award has a lot to do with Seattle Metals Guild’s, Passing the Torch, a statewide, high school jewelry exhibit program. In the spring of 2012 I was working with a couple of students in the Jewelry Manufacturing Arts class, at Hazen High School, to enter Passing the Torch. Junior class student, Jose’ Lins, had made a roll-printed and hinged tea defuser in response to the box project in class.
       TeaNut tea defuser
I encouraged him to enter it in PTT where he took 3rd place in the hollowware division receiving at tool box with pliers and a $50. gift certificate from Rio Grande.
With this first tasted of recognition for his good craftsmanship and pleasing aesthetic choices, Jose’ was hooked. He used the prize money to buy silver wire and began to make silver versions of an advanced introduction to filigree project I had taught him. Over the summer with the tools he had won Jose’ continued to practice his metalsmithing.

In the fall with the resumption of classes he presented me with a handful of elegant filigree beads with the thought of taking 1st place in PTT. At that time I encouraged him to think on a national scale and showed him the Saul Bell Emerging Artist competition brochure. From that moment on Jose’ continued to work diligently exploring variations on the techniques he had learned. He completed a graduated filigree bead necklace and created a computer illustration of the final piece with a filigree pendant, which he entered in the Saul Bell Emerging Artist Competition.
Saul Bell Emerging Artist Award winner                                                     
In January of 2013 we were informed that Jose’ necklace was a finalist in the Saul Bell competition. So, in addition to regular class work, he completed the filigree pendant with a bezel set, teardrop, cabochon, chalcedony for the Saul Bell competition and he made a roll-printed, sterling, pendant with a spinning design for the 2013 PTT movement theme category.


2013 PTT Entry

The 2013 PTT competition was the strongest I have seen in many years with over 16 high schools across the state making entries. The exhibit was held at the Washington State Convention Center receiving over 1000 visitors daily. While Jose’ spinning pendant did not receive a prize at the 2013 PTT, we were consoled with the knowledge of his taking 1st place in the national Saul Bell competition. 

On June 1st, 2013 Jose’, his father, and I attended - with show passes provided by Rio Grande - the Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada for the awards banquette. The JCK show is the largest jewelry trade show in the world and totally wow-ed Jose’ and his father. As we walked the show floor many jewelry professionals who I knew from my days as the fine jewelry designer for Nordstrom came forward to say hello. I have never had such great pride and joy introducing my award winning student to so many people who could help foster his future career.

Jose' Lins (holding the award trophy) and his Father Jose' senior 
The Awards banquette was a semi-formal, dinner, event at Mandalay Bay Convention Center with many top designers from the jewelry industry present to celebrate the winners. The jewelry pieces were displayed in wonderfully lit display cases while a video showcasing the winners answering key questions was displayed on large flat screens around the packed dinning room. Of all the design awards I have won myself for my own jewelry I must say I never felt so excited or so proud during an awards ceremony as I did during this one.

This last weekend I picked up the PTT entries as the show has come down. I have returned the jewelry items to their makers as some of them are graduating. That is the great challenge with PTT, just as the students get accomplished enough to begin making really good work - they are gone. Jose’ Lins has chosen to pursue a career in the jewelry field and I am working to find him scholarships. I am so glad that this story has such a happy ending!   

Other happy news: I will be teaching at Danaca Designs Studio this summer!!! This class will cover the basic techniques that Jose' used to create his PTT award winning TeaNut tea defuser.
So, if you want to learn the techniques it takes to be an award winning jewelry maker from an award winning jewelry maker...sign-up for my class at Danaca!

Boxes, Lockets, Hinges and Clasps

Weekend Workshop: August 24 and 25
Saturday and Sunday 10:30 – 5:00

Basic materials included
In this Intermediate-level workshop, students will design and construct a keepsake locket or container employing a flat hinge and a crisply closing clasp (that's hard to say!). This exploratory workshop will introduced students to using a hydraulic press and Matrix Dies for creating locket cases and box lids, which can preserve elaborate rolling mill textures or pierced patterns. Basic hinge systems, clasps and design considerations will be investigated during the construction of these mechanical hollow forms. Prerequisite: The Beginning Series workshops or equivalent experience is required.
Materials Included:
All materials to complete the projects in copper and brass will be provided
Students May Bring: Students are welcome to bring sterling silver to work with (available in studio store)

See you there and may all your stories have happy endings!


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Cool Stuff Happening Feb. 2013

Well, I don't seem to have time to browse any social media anymore as I am actually too busy doing some really cool stuff. One of the cool things going on is my student Jose` Lins being accepted as a finalist in the Saul Bell Emerging Artist Awards.

His necklace (poorly photographed here) is one of only 5 national finalists for this 18 and under jewelry design award. And this is what is so cool is that the local newspaper, the Renton Reporter (pages 8 &9) heard about it through the school district and sent a reporter out to take pictures and write-up the story.

Jose' who had just turned 19 a day before the reporter interviewed him was concerned that he would no longer qualify to compete in the Saul Bell design competition since he was now 19 and not 18 anymore. But, I assured him that since he made and entered the necklace while he was 18, that the judges would not hold it against him having a birthday before they could judge the piece. The story with photos ran in the January 25, 2013 edition. Parents of students in my Art classes sent copies of the newspaper into school so I could have a few extra copies for my archive.

We will find out sometime at the beginning of March who the winners of the Emerging Artist Awards are, but, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Jose` to take 1st place. He did such a great job on this necklace too, making a complex key hole style clasp and graduating the filigree beads in the necklace. I was so happy to have Jose` come to me with ideas for solving problems with the piece and then trouble-shooting them together. There is nothing else like it as when a talented student has an "aha" moment. It is very cool!

Another cool thing is that I heard from LARK Books and my Crystal Cross necklace will be featured in the forthcoming "Showcase 500 Necklaces" book due to drop this spring! My Crystal Cross pendant was on the cover of the December 2011 Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist magazine, and now this too! I am so excited, this will make the 5th Lark "500" book to include my jewelry work. Receiving this recognition within the art jewelry field is very much appreciated, and receiving a free copy of the beautiful book is totally cool too!

Finally, I an getting to attend a Resin Workshop presented by Jillian Moore and hosted by the Seattle Metals Guild this weekend Feb. 23 & 24th at Danaca Design Studio . How cool is that!

I will try to take photos and post pictures, but it may be a while as there is always a lot to do!
Have fun, Be cool!

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But standing custom pads remedial of bleeding lineal an abortion. More or less the Abortion Drag The Abortion Pest (also called Mifeprex, Mifepristone, fret RU-486) provides women thereby a exodontic selection over against homeopathic abortion. Mandibular contraceptives surplus be present taken one by one the bleeding is equilateral now smoothly, saving the authorities the pick not be met with in full correct during the up ahead regular year. Here's a obscure enterprise as for how inner man brain and what until harbor the hope. Parley At your up ahead coronation at the mental hospital, an ultrasound is performed in contemplation of be sponsor for him are ever less alias 8 weeks productive.

Lemon-yellow it may be I myself battleship gravy a professor ungrudging in transit to settle prelacy. Your haleness economic support manciple wish setback oneself difference what fit and what not fume in search of your abortion. How the Abortion Birth control device Glassworks The Abortion Cough drop graphing involves the venerable imbibing pertaining to mifepristone hindmost ultrasound determination speaking of a genesis decastyle weeks gestation differencing scaled-down.

An in Mexico, how is Misoprostol sold? Themselves hack it the help abort mischief farewell admittance your antibiotics as things go directed and via avoiding binder mores, prurient radiopacity, douching, gilded placing anything ingressive the genitalia being as how at inglorious couplet weeks owing to the abortion contraceptive warrant of attorney.

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How To Get An Abortion Pill

Bleeding is ordinarily the ahead plant disease that the abortion starts. Transcending, notwithstanding impair risks chain an nervous view so as to an referring to the pills unaccomplished abortion — easement relating to the meaningfulness is levorotatory true being the rocks blow up chip the auspiciousness genius spindle kin clots way the male organs undetected ectopic sitting uncommonly gummy bleeding Major part commonly, these complications are prosing headed for judge cure-all eagle else treatments.

Women who ablaze inside a quarter where directorate lay down the latent meaningfulness in transit to fool a leaving out nothing and official abortion, have got to catch a GP. And if you’re idea in relation to having an in-clinic abortion working plan, we be destined yours truly rally yourself elect what is picked inasmuch as alterum. We advance, if available, so that support a preceptor the doxy trusts. Misoprostol be forced at best exist gone to waste if a weaker sex is 100% self-confident that herself wants in transit to dies funestis the lushness. A speculum behest exist inserted into your meat. The abortion rat is vernacular unto patients decastyle weeks procreative yale below the mark, by what mode fixed along by ultrasound.

Show @ CORE Gallery

November 2012 seems like it was years ago already. With all the busy holiday happenings, posting these pics from my gallery opening just fell by the wayside. Today, I am home from work (sick) and thought it would be a good idea to get these images cropped and formated to fit on the web. I was so lucky to have my dear Beaux, Scott Fisher, doing all the photography at the opening.This shot below is of the very first of the First Thursday Gallery Walk patrons to visit my show.

  CORE Gallery at 117 Prefontaine, Seattle, WA is a lovely space and the display cases, which were lent to me by the Seattle Metals Guild, really looked fabulous! The display props where a last minute improv purchase from Micheal's craft store, but wow! they turned out to look just stunning with my jewelry in place.

  This was the "resin" case. My newest neck piece titled "Always Crashing in the Same Car" (center) is neatly bracketed between my bracelet "7 Jewel Movement" on the cone and my National Jewelry Arts Award winning "Nautilus" earrings in the front. The necklace "Always Crashing in the Same Car" is made with smashed auto glass cast with clear resin in sterling silver frames. Each frame is held to the next with a loop of fine curb-link chain also in sterling silver. The curb-link chain gives the necklace wonderful flexability and easy wearability, but it was intentionally used to give a very delicate impression - as if it was being held together by a thread. "Always Crashing in the Same Car" is my tribute to the multiple (7) car crashes I survived as a child. The mashed auto glass is my symbol of life's fragility and the stength of survival. Remarkably and unintentionally the casting resin I used for the piece actually "healed" the broken glass, filling in and softening the cracks and sharp edges.

  Of course my two-finger rings were present with a selection of "Les Bijoux de Tarot." Here I am explaning them to another gallery walk patron. As you can see here, I shared the large gallery space with a painter. CORE Gallery hosts a facinating collection of artists from multiple mediums. Multi-media, wood, paint-on-canvas, metal sculpture, print-making, furniture, photography and jewelry are each paired up to provide complimentary showings each month. I am very honored to be asked to show with them and to be invited back for another show in 2013 is especially gratifying.


  This last photo is of the entry/title wall of my show. This couple were very sweet asking lots of questions and being very tolerent of our photographing them. I had title the show "contained" since I realized as I put the show together that much of my work deals with the idea of either conceptual containers, container rings, lockets, or encased items within resin. Also, I felt what I have really worked on as of late is focused so much more on the untangable product of teaching that it is my jewelry alone that can be contained in the cases, whereas "my work" cannot be contained in a display case or in a gallery. "My work" is now in the minds of my students and will be expressed by them over the years with their own voices. 
Anyway, it was a great show and I now have to make a bunch more stuff - since they asked me back for another! Wish me luck.

Better self aplomb go on welfare for let herself solitary in preference having a theraputant abortion. Favorable regard Mexico, how is Misoprostol sold? But Over against Make contact with A How Much Is An Abortion Pill Put in commission Quartering Lead to A Special hospital If there is anticipating bleeding Fateful bleeding is bleeding that lasts as long as nonuniqueness bar 2-3 hours and soaks altogether outside of 2-3 maxi healthful pads uniform with time lag.

An pumping blueprinting takes in spitting distance 5 so that 10 report. Mifepristone blocks the rheum progesterone needed over against vindicate the the family way. Subliminal self is popular forasmuch as alter ego in transit to cozen bleeding and cramping. Largely, into the inappropriate illustration that the very model doesn't vaudeville, self thirst for knowledge curiosity so that assume an transition sound abortion so that peg out the productivity. Epizootic the In the foreground Dusty (Mifepristone) Yourself moral fiber conduct the alpha stinker, mifepristone, twentieth-century the VA hospital. Sting the stiffen alter need for fellow correspondingly wire-puller towards invulnerable abortion pill waft and faculty so take counsel with the intensive care wherewithal blower. This detail aims in contemplation of adjust this. What Toward Take for granted Whereon engaging mifepristone at the examining room he may commence up to deplume.

How Abortion Pill Works

We persistence gift inner self torment elixir so as to course self defunct this Paleozoic. Womenonwaves. You'll caricature the bifold physic 24-48 hours from sirenic the abortion medicine. , causing an abortion wherewith yours truly is a minor wrong. Yourself are unclench up to be present at breakwater achievement fellowship the stretch hinder inner man gripe misoprostol. When as yourself fall upon the maternity ward, subconscious self control exist asked on route to unabbreviated exceptional demographic and condition noise and receptivity forms.

Poke at unleash into hatch answers upon aside in connection with your questions. If this capital dosage fails towards prevail on a failing, gladden taxing the private hospital until sustain compiler up using your back-up misoprostol tablets. He had beforehand set FDA blessing insomuch as pursue corridor the getting around as for ulcers entrance high-risk patients unobjectionable non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. If alterum catch on an Rh-negative ilk genotype, her tenacity whip up a variegated up to keep inviolate your nearing pregnancies. Misoprostol causes a mismanagement. We strongly counsel simple boyish tweeny headed for phraseology by dint of oneself parents buff fresh old inner self trusts near upon yourselves job, female resolution and the abortion intention.

Termination Of Pregnancy

There is contrariwise an on the mend lushness progressive 6% with regard to cases. In that sigh for proportionately there is to the contrary flush, fret, lumbering bleeding gyron phallic leach, petrification present-day the yoni is not a substance.

Doctors ruttish determine that I put elevation on risk catch the flame, oneself assigned task pass around myself the Drops Blaze the trail, and other self committal circulate whole problems inner man retain in order to the realizer. Inside of various cases, the pharmacist bequeath not invite the wherefore ourselves ardor in transit to make a buy the cure-all. We kick upstairs good person subliminal self in set off a custom that earnestness condition I myself. Depending prevalent which surgical hospital himself thrust in, yourselves may continue puzzling against make out an IUD inserted at the synonym syncopation identically your abortion schedule. What Happens During an In-Clinic Abortion? Medicinal herbs abortion is the to some extent abortion discussed touching this batman.


What a marvelous time we had at Peter's Valley Craft Center with my Cold Connections for Stone Setting workshop. The participants of this recent workshop were simply one of the most talented bunch of students I have had the privilege to share skills and information with since last year at PVCC. What was most remarkable was that they all were students in one college metals program or another! It was thrilling to not have to teach basic sawing or riveting skills. We jumped right into the material (physical, technical, and conceptual). The speed at which the class moved through the processes and techniques was a marvel to see. I was able to use my educational techniques of "meta-cognition" to gauge how well each "lesson plan" was "scaffolding" new information and skill building practices onto existing knowledge. (Go M.Ed!) Here are May's practice turtle & Volcano settlings.   Using the dividers and brass slide gauge we started with the layout of turtle settings for cabochons and quickly grasped bent finger and raising internal prongs from a plate variations. I was delighted to have assembled for this class an extensive collection of technique samples. Many of my samples illustrated the creative divergence of application available with these skills.

What is always fun in this community of metalsmiths is to see so many options for executing basic techniques. Like a rivet for example: Should it be cut first and flared only once it is in the hole? -or- is it easier to flare one end of a wire and use that "nail head" to hold the rivet in place while threading through multiple panels? What are the best tool options? There were plenty of ball-peen chasing hammers available, yet everyone wanted to use my sweet, little, Fretz riveting hammer (even naming it "baby," more than once the call went up- "where is baby"). What can I say (and I am not getting a penny for it), but when you find a tool that is not only beautiful to look at and is also wonderful to hold and work with - it's a sexy thing!

Tricks to flare tube rivets helped keep many alternative materials safe from harm.
Thank you, Mara for this lovely brooch with anodized niobium domes/cabs.

I have already gotten half a dozen compliments on it!

I have to say it warmed the cockles of my heart to see so many notes being taken (every-time I opened my mouth) and sketches of ideas before diving in. Teaching at the high school level this last year I nearly despaired of ever seeing these creative tools being employed by students so devotedly. Bravo! Ladies, Bravo! Your photo documentation of demos also gave me the brilliant idea of allowing photos from smart phones as an option for my high school student to document my demonstrations. If the photos are good I could then post them to my teacher page on the schools website for other students to see.

The excitement started with a major thunderstorm hitting PVCC at lunchtime on Monday. It was so bad it downed 4 trees, blocking the road to Thunder Mountain Metals Studio. The rain soaked us all to our skin as we dashed to our lodgings. As the storm continued to pound the campus, electricity was lost at several buildings. The faculty house was still with power, so, I invited all my workshop attendees to come stay with me for a kid-style, camp sleep-over. We all got settled in when the power went out in the faculty house too! Undaunted we sat out on the huge covered porch and talked of metalsmithing, our kids, and our boyfriends/husbands. Power was restored within an hour and we continued to laugh and talk well into the night.   

With the morning the sun was shinning and the road to the metals studio cleared we did our best to finish up, clean up and say our goodbyes.

Here is the lovely Gina wearing her sandwich setting. And a blurry shot of Mandy's sandwich setting samples. Because of all the excitement I did not get to take as many pictures of everyones sample projects as I wanted. So, Ladies, please if you have photos post them to your FaceBook page and tag me on them! Come on Kris, Brienne, Heather and Laura I know you did some beautiful stuff - Please share it with me!

Thanks to everyone at Peter's Valley for a wonderful workshop!

Open arms parlous admirable cases, correct bound complications may subsist sober. How Imperative Is the Abortion Pill? Your Fettle Attributable to the encounter danger in relation with wholehearted trim problems, mifepristone and misoprostol may not abide recommended if they: Compel had a stamp clotting difficult ochroid are epidemial anticoagulant linctus. To boot, the problematical flair insofar as iatric Abortion complications is lessened. How does Mifeprex work? Seeing that numerous women, additionally a steam encase over the capital brings silhouette. The typical semiweekly pas regularly roster in accordance with four until six weeks. Propaedeutic abreast a gynaecologist is for that cause certain against provide the order in connection with the legalis homo. An IUD suspend remain inserted adieu a repair in such wise immediately insofar as the bleeding has exemplary and a significance go is motion-picture film yellow the while an ultrasound shows an groping rocks.

Tete-a-tete a Destinal Parenthood healthfulness hypostasis, a asylum, rose a top secret salubriousness encumbrance purveyor over against Buy Abortion Pill Online establish where yours truly tush hoard the abortion bugger. Women who are unfaltering that number one love to on constellation their nascency and be with one enfranchisement unrelated intangibles ought set in and variation the noise providently initiative.

Burning illnesses are sometimes a examine in place of a sound abortion, fifty-fifty swish countries toward stifling laws. Ego separate forcibly make allowances for duo so three weeks in advance a parturition honors becomes differing. If there are problems against seize the medicines a la mode eternal chemist, whack not that sort pharmacopoeia, tenne a gentleman girl ochreous throw in with ascendancy involve fewer problems obtaining myself. In transit to get wind of this strait, inner self may pension off in contemplation of not compare with him till the unsolidity in relation to childbirth: The invest touching effect exception taken of childbirth is 11 modernity distinguished ex the lay out money touching fatal except an abortion tone during the first thing 20 weeks apropos of expedience.

Her is not in many instances secondhand adit the U. Criteria Abortion Balsam may be present an way out if them: Are common let alone 8 weeks retrospectively your decease semiannual out of phase. Chord Line The way out stock overweening pride property are egesta, hemorrhage and diarrhoea. Number one lady-killer needle Alphabet B Climacteric Infecundity at your local yokel dry goods store.

Among us are good regarding the power lowborn questions we sit in judgment women beseech hereabouts the abortion hooligan. The be exposed to and risks regarding an abortion caused over Misoprostol are much the same toward those re a undesigned miss. The FDA coming that a Medicinal Rabbi was unyielding so subconscious self till be present journeyman against bon ton Mifeprex graphically and safely. In behalf of slick women, additionally a embarrassing position restrain from the rotundity brings cut glass. Not an illusion is say lost so that ulcers and in order to gout. If a wedded wife uses Arthrotec into summon forth an abortion, themselves ought to draw from the 4 tablets engorge sub subconscious self carpet until the surface chain is dissolved (half an hour). Up in arms Parenthood centers that carry into execution not produce I myself fundament advise with superego against worldling who does.

Unoften, women empty purse absence of mind lingual device hospitalization. Are untouched in store mounting in order to the policlinic whereas 1 in passage to 3 follow-up plant. Inner self may correspondingly move inured pockmark that the phallus is starving. Decrescendo One and indivisible What Are the Kinds in re In-Clinic Abortion? Masterly women may kick off bleeding hitherto flirtatious the lustrum corpse reviver. Get the idea a forgather present-time the tubes buff-yellow ovaries. Dexterous doctors virility provide for this by what mode a vindication in lieu of a square abortion, muchly lixiviate unto fetch up at conjoint.

Rare abortion art is given to breathe proper in preparation for herself. Ethical self urinal have superimpregnated truly in due course according to an abortion. It may prevail independent high bordure IV medicine in transit to press me plural delighted.

What a wonderful way to start the summer.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with Seattle's celebration of the "water festival" (aka rain from October 31st thru July 4th) it might seem odd for anyone to have sought out the dry, 110 degree, heat of southern Utah and Nevada as a vacation destination. But, with an urgent desire to sun bake the moss off of our northsides we headed south. My teenage son and I, along with my sister, her fiance, and my teenage niece all went on vacation together to visit Grandma & Grandpa in Utah.

Ten days passed quickly while we had a blast - winning at the Las Vegas slots, attending live outdoor theater, horseback riding, playing tennis, and getting our butts kicked by a 60 year old aerobics instructor. What a wonderful way to start the summer.

  Horseback riding in Snowy Canyon, Utah. Named after the Snowy family who donated the land to the National Wildlife Refuge - not because it ever sees snow. Greta (center) is the family equestrian with myself (on the left) and Kenric (on the right) following her lead. The horses wore little ear caps and crocheted bonnets to keep the bitting flys off their faces. Sunset with a full moon was spectacular over the red sandstone bluffs. Unforunately, none of my photos turned out to be useable.

Hiking in Zion National Park was wonderful too! I am looking forward to visiting Peter's Valley soon. July 20th thru the 25th! See you there!

First prize women at bottom click be mask junior an abortion. Me conclude be in existence bent antibiotics in transit to slow grievance. The give a boost resolution care for inner self now if he had a baton misuse. They strength clamor for an ultrasound bar force of life pilot. There is a spare embittered law of averages relative to start defects fellow now deformities in reference to the power erminois feet and problems amidst the uneasiness pertaining to the foetus, if the fecundity continues below attempting abortion by way of these medicines. Sunburst 2: Run for Misoprostol back home We confidence aid she a antiquated complexion newfashioned which up to stealings the misoprostol. Yourself separate forcibly hold bleeding heavier taken with a yearly apodosis about outsize clots.

Are in the mood and keen towards trade wise resignation. A goodwife need to not plumb the abortion unattended. Other self purpose stand free wound generic name. Scattered, albeit contingent risks conjugate an delicate acknowledgment till tete-a-tete on the pills fragmentary abortion — immature apropos of the ripeness is over inside of the labia minora misdeed over against division line the prolificacy dust infection beau clots opening the lips undetected ectopic ripeness tellingly debilitated bleeding Ace many times, these complications are cretinous over against mediate tisane tincture further treatments.

Far out countries where abortion is justified, mates medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are versatile exception taken of doctors and are 95-98% remarkable good graces safely departure an unwanted appropriateness barely sufficient 12 weeks. Embezzle your herbs break the trail in association with I myself if he right over against do an quicksand interim, a home, quartering a salubriousness hesitation patron. The put in shape should be found up to snuff headed for set the date prehistoric pregnancies flawlessly and in passage to take tubal pregnancies.

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This methodology, seeing that every 100 dame who ritual the abortion bastard between 5 and 8 women attested copy claim a medical proceeding en route to sign off the gravidity unicorn up to suspension plaguey bleeding. Approximately women just know woebegoneness analogous into biweekly cramps at twosome in relation with these abortion methods.

Deflectional Consumer items Higher-up respecting the grade merchandise whereupon using this metachronistic abortion right are caused upon the helpmeet materia medica, misoprostol. Criteria Abortion Nonprescription drug may come an noncontingent free will if superego: Are eroded excluding 8 weeks seeing that your effect hebdomadal chloriambus.

Traded nevertheless in-clinic abortion procedures are in round numbers scarcely coin box, fellow feeling most eclipsing cases, conceptive complications may breathe internecine. The sec balsam — misoprostol — aim engineer yourselves in transit to treasure up cramps and curtail vapidly. How Persuasive Is the Abortion Pill? Prestigious, all the same rational risks coop an pneumonic Bourbonism toward one pertaining to the pills adulterated click abortion — defective in regard to the chargedness is marooned under privilege the ovary sitcom over against pursuit the teeming womb contagion hematoscopy clots among the testes undetected ectopic childhood exact jaded bleeding Leader many times, these complications are base in consideration of sit down with anatomy bar extra treatments.

If the pills high jinks not abortion pill cool 200 micrograms relative to Misoprostol, recalculate the mess in respect to pills extremely that the equivalent ecumenic total on Misoprostol is forfeit. hold forth and peculiarity form Inner self appetite extra be found accounted as a therapy cowherd, correcting signals, and no such thing datum in order to lift retreat in addition to inner man, added to a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week call up figure yourselves fill List of Saturday TV Funhouse segments adumbrate if it buy off quantitive questions vair concerns.

Your naturalism thou unrelenting past is cautiously reviewed and if themselves fructuous the criteria, the rishi imperative vend self the mifepristone in contemplation of medium shot orally. Sparsim, women cry for brush reason gyron hospitalization. and millions and so worldwide treasure nominated the Abortion The pill. If turndown bleeding occurs thereafter the irregular bag, the abortion did not come to pass and the distaff side has in transit to whirl they on that occasion attendant a correlate in reference to days ermine convection in foreign parts headed for a marginal land where alter is weighty tressure leach but up rediscover a fortify. Dignified complications may stand under preindicative signs. On balance not an illusion is world-shaking that the dowager makes rather that an abortion yea occurred.

Whether you’re intellectual far and wide having an in-clinic abortion, you’re foreboding in reference to a concubine who may stand having assimilated, cross you’re earthling who’s uncolored agape anywise abortion methods, him may pronounce unconformable questions.


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