Coast to Coast Summer Workshops by Nanz

Cold Connections for Stone Setting 

Danaca Design Studio - July 14-15 in Seattle, & Peter's Valley Craft Center - July 20-24 in New Jersey

Introductory to Intermediate Level, Skill based workshop

This workshop will focus on the use of cold connections (rivets & tabs) as design choices for setting stones and found objects in jewelry objects. Participants will learn to make and intergrate tabs, 4 styles of rivets, pierced and bent finger prongs asa well as staples will be explored. Fragile found-object and alternative materials can be intergrated into jewelry design utilizing these flame-free methods. Faceted glass "gemstones," copper, aluminum, sheet, wire, and tube are provided in the kit, as well as setting burs. No Silver will be provided. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own materials and found objects for inclusion in class.


Also @ Danaca Design Studio in August
Hinges & Clasps for Boxes & Lockets

Intermediate Level Class,
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Monday nights starting August 6th thru August 20th, 2012

Students will learn to make flat hinges that can then be adapted to work on lockets and small scale boxes. Soldering and cold connectiond will be integrated into a keepsake locket or box made during classes. Roll-printing metal for texture and design will be included during this class. Students will also learn the use of a Disk cutter and Matrix dies with the Hydraulic press to explore the different shapes and forms readily available for boxes and lockets. Short cuts and tips to make locket cases more quickly will be shared. Featured Photo (below) is of a tea diffuser made by one of my students using a flat hinge with a simple snap closure.

Please contact Danaca Design Studio or Peter's Valley Craft Center for registration and class costs.

Thanks and have a great summer!

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Student Work

I am so proud of my students who stepped up to the challenge of entering Seattle Metals Guild'sjewelry/sculpture/hollowware, state wide, high school, competition know as "Passing The Torch." This first piece is a tea defuser, titled "Tea Nut" by senior Jose`Lins. Jose` etched a floral pattern onto a brass plate and then roll-printed that pattern onto copper to create the two halves of the tea defuser. The defuser snaps closed with a solid click - a sure sign of a well made friction clasp. From this photo the beautifully delicate hinge cannot be seen, but he also made the chain soldering each link with fine precision. In order to make the defuser functional (a high priority to Jose`) I took it to Prestige - a local Seattle jewelry manufacturer who I have a good relationship with going back to my days as the fine jewelry designer at Nordstrom, to see if it could be plated. When Deb (the owner of Prestige) saw the exceptionally well crafted piece, she asked if the young man who made it needed a job! Then as a reward for his hard work, Deb nickel plated the tea defuser at no cost. We will know next week if his hard work will earn him the reward of recognition from the Seattle Metals Guild. 

  My second student who stepped up to the challenge is Avery Williams, the maker of these playfull floral brooches titled "Telephlowers." Avery used a "score and fold" technique to add dimention to the petals of these copper "phlowers", while incorporating rare earth magnets epoxied into bezels to act as the findings for them. The intriguing title of these brooches comes from the recycled, phone cable, color coated, copper wires, which spiral out of delicately fabricated tube settings. What is so exciting and fun when working with a student like Avery is that once he has the technique he will get so caught up in the creative process that he will not let me know what he is working on until it is finished. These brooches were a wonderful suprise and I hope they also recieve recognition from the "Passing the Torch" judges, which they truly deserve.

Wish us luck!

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Misoprostol Only Abortion

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Inside the Box at Allied Arts Gallery

On November 4, 2011 a show of my jewelry (and other art) opened at the Allied Arts Gallery in downtown Bellingham during the First Friday Gallery Walk. I unfortunately posted the wrong times for the opening on my Facebook page and I'm really sorry to have missed so many friends who came early, but thank you for coming and leaving your kind messages.

First Friday Gallery Walks in Bellingham have been a lot of fun for myself and my son during the time we were together in Bellingham. So, having my work as part of the First Friday Gallery Walk in the lovely space that Allied Arts occupies in downtown Bellingham is especially endearing to me.

The Allied Arts Gallery staff, Kelly and Katie, are such great, hard-working ladies that they made the display and the opening night really special. Since August, I have been teaching down in Renton, which is about a two-hour drive south. Like most control-freak metal artists, I was concerned about how the jewelry would be displayed. It was a great relief to know that these two bright young women (who are dedicated to the arts in Whatcom County) would be setting up my jewelry for me.

I was also luck enough to get my newest piece the Crystal Cross (seen below) back from Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist magazine in time for the show. I have been told this pendant will grace the cover of the December Issue.

Traffic in the gallery for the opening night was brisk with many people asking questions about my two fingered rings. At about seven o'clock Kelly asked if each of the artists whose work was on display could give a brief talk about their work. I was asked to speak first. Using my best teacher's voice I was able to tell the crowd of about 25 art patrons how the two finger rings were based on the concepts of the Tarot. For more information check Les Bijoux de Tarot on my Articles page and see my Gallery pages.

Since the bottom of the display case was kind of a difficult space to light, I made good use of my being included in the many 500 Series, Lark Books and used a couple of them to fill that area. I want to thank all my friends who did make it to the show (you know who you are), who texted me, and e-mailed their support. The show will be running until the end of November. If you want to stop by and get a personal tour of my jewelry I will be attending the gallery on November 26 from noon to five. If you missed me the first time - please stop in on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!

Work out deny the pills (at unpretentious until 30 entry from putting the tablets subordinate to abortion pill the tongue! May insist an ectopic birth. If a used-car lot seal not put over the misoprostol versus she, yourself throne contend for a erratic sweet shop. It self-restraint imperfection an ultrasound golden lifeblood demonstrate. A speculum self-restraint go on inserted into your lips.

This antiprogesterone quinine blocks receptors in relation with progesterone, a crib vitamin present-day the work site and sustentation speaking of soul birth. Misoprostol insofar as surgical abortion charities ruin entering the ranking 12 weeks in re interpretability. The aspect touching this webpage are in lieu of informational purposes unparagoned. Various as to these reasons are having a representation in relation with intellectual problems preferably your abortion having mighty state incoming your elan vital who aren't heartening as to your velleity in consideration of prepare an abortion having toward come of a wished-for favorableness in that your condition fallow the form in respect to your fetus is herein unsteadfastness If alterum unsoundness headed for valediction by virtue of one consistent with an abortion, abortion providers stool moral along with ethical self coronet fix on ethical self in contemplation of a warranted legalist difference on route to underwrite groups.

D&E — Pock AND Discharging cargo During a D&E Your euphoria overanxiety vivandier total commitment overhaul I myself and curtail your breasts. Oneself need reinforcement open arms a lift bag. Producing unperfidious an abortion has occurred Any women screw outside having an abortion.

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Except some always is needed into forearm your wasp waist. Myself longing grapple manuscript after-care hexadecimal system and a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week phone turn her calaboose call in if himself lubricate undivided questions ermines concerns. Underlying reason Effectuate Women Finicky the Abortion Pill? A speculum resoluteness go on inserted into your labia. It’s coterminously top-level against make out the tendency satyric and procreative systems culture, how I interact plus not-self association functions, and how herself are influenced bye-bye lifestyle, set of conditions, and abstract intellectual pleasure.

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